The Organization Department of HENU CPC Committee guided the HENU World History CPC Branch in the Inspection for the Award of “National Model CPC Branch in Party Building”Publish Date:2020-11-08 21:10

On the afternoon of November 5th, Li Qingchun, member of HENU Standing Committee of the CPC Committee, Minister of Organization Department, and Secretary of HENU CPC Committee, Chang Jike, Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Committee, and their party came to the College of History and Culture to guide the inspection for the award of "National Model CPC Branch in Party Building". The attendees included Yang Junzhong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of our College, Wang Wenjun, Director of the Office of the CPC Committee of our college, Xie Yufei, Director of the Administrative Office, all faculty CPC Branch secretaries, and all members of the World History CPC Branch.

Sun Yingang, Secretary of the World History CPC Branch and Deputy Director of the Department of World History, first gave a report on the fulfillment of the construction task. He said that the CPC Branch has always adhered to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches, strictly followed the spirit and specific requirements, and focused on the establishment of grassroots CPC Branches. We have adhered to the implementation of the "Three-Meeting, One Class" system (a basic system of CPC, meaning CPC Committees regularly hold meetings and members of CPC Committee learn new thoughts, policies and regulations of CPC on time), and standardized the theme Party Day activities. Strive to achieve “seven effective”: effective education of CPC members, effective management of CPC members, effective supervision of CPC members, effective organization of teachers and students, effective publicity of teachers and students, effective cohesion of teachers and students, and effective service for teachers and students. Strive to build the World History CPC Branch a standardized Model CPC Branch among colleges and universities in China.

The Organization Department evaluated the satisfaction rate of the World History CPC Branch construction at the meeting.

Later, participants expressed their opinions and offered valuable suggestions for the next step. Li Qingchun affirmed the current construction achievements of the World History CPC Branch. He highly praised the CPC Branch's leadership in Party Building, promoting the mutual promotion and the development of teaching, educating, and scientific research, and truly integrating the morality and talents into students' ethics, knowledge, and social practice. The World History CPC Branch has given full play to its exemplary and leading role. Yang Junzhong said that the college will further implement the work in accordance with the acceptance standards, and seize this opportunity to consolidate the construction results, enhance the demonstration effect, and promote the high-quality development of the college’s CPC Building.

It is reported that the World History CPC Branch has innovatively explored the "1+2+6" model, upholding the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC in education work, since it was selected to construct for the award of first "National Model CPC Branch in Party Building" of the Ministry of Education in December 2018. “1” is one concept, meaning the ideological and political theory courses run through the teaching; "2" is two equipment, meaning the class is equipped with 1 head teacher and each student has 1 tutor; "6" is six measures: actively carry out professional reading clubs, academic forums for undergraduates, the National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, "tell history orally" research activities, inter-school exchange activities and education poverty alleviation activities. At the same time, the World History CPC Branch has always adhered to the concept of "integrate CPC Building and scientific research deeply", carried out academic scientific research activities based on our advantages, and achieved fruitful results in different fields.