The College of History and Culture Held a Promotion Conference on HENU World History CPC Branch’s Inspection for the Award of “National Model CPC Branch in Party Building”Publish Date:2020-06-21 16:35

On the morning of June 19, the college held a conference to further promote the HENU World History CPC Branch’s inspection for the award of “National Model CPC Branch in Party Building”. Zhang Ligang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Executive Deputy Dean of our college, Jiang Jie, Deputy Secretary, Wang Wenjun, Director of the Office of the CPC Committee, Sun Yingang, Secretary of the World History CPC Branch, and representatives of the CPC Branch attended the meeting.

Sun Yingang gave a detailed report on the expected goals, preliminary work, current difficulties, and key priority of the World History CPC Branch. Participants exchanged ideas and offered suggestions.

Jiang Jie pointed out that the World History CPC Branch, as a constructing National Model CPC Branch, was a significant achievement of our college’s Party Building. It is hard-won and precious. We must cherish the current achievements, improve our work, and make more achievements. He asked the Branch to be fully mobilized, and the members should be properly arranged and closely coordinated, working together to finish the following tasks.

Zhang Ligang summarized that as a member of the World History CPC Branch, he has witnessed the construction and development of the Branch, as well as the powerful role the Branch strengthening and playing. All comrades should check the missing and fill vacancies in accordance with the requirements, and go all out for the inspection and ensure the effectiveness.

The Committee of the CPC Branch clarified the responsibilities and divided the tasks to every member clearly.