The Israeli center of the university of henan is selected as "the Chinese think tank index (ctti-source think tank"Publish Date:2020-12-31 20:31

      On December 19, the 2020 new think tank governance and ideological theory dissemination forum, co-sponsored by Nanjing University and Guangming Daily, was held in Nanjing. Lu Xiangao, deputy editor-in-chief of Guangming Daily, Zhao Jinsong, deputy director of propaganda department of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, and Yang Zhong, executive deputy secretary of Nanjing University Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. From the national think tank management department, China think tank index (CTTI) source think tank experts and scholars more than 700 people attended. Henan University Israel Research Center selected CTTI source think tank, center director Hu Hao to participate in the forum.

      Xu Bu, president of the China Institute of International Studies, a national high-end think-tank, Zhang Yi, vice chairman of the National Governance Research Think-tank of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and president of the Institute of Social Development Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Yan Jinming, executive director of the National Institute of Development and Strategy of Renmin University of China, and Fan Yong, chief expert of the Yangtze River Economic Research Institute of Nanjing University, made a keynote report on the topic of "promoting innovation and development of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics with high quality research" and "the scientific value and promotion of regional integration development in the Yangtze River Delta" and so on. The Forum also discussed the issues of think tanks and the 14th Five-Year Plan, the world's "great changes in the past 100 years" and the new strategy for the dissemination of ideas and theories, the sharing of outstanding achievements of think tanks, the construction of institutional mechanisms for high-end think tanks and key think tanks, the improvement of the quality of decision-making consulting research by new think tanks, and the establishment of high-level university think tanks with a circular policy research and discipline building.

      The forum released the 2020 CTTI think tank report and the 2020 CTTI supplementary source think tank list, published the CTTI source think tank annual fine quality and outstanding achievement, the Israeli research center selected 2020 CTTI supplementary source think tank list.

      The index of Chinese think tanks (Chinese Think Tank Index, CTTI) is a data management and evaluation system developed by the China think tank research and evaluation center of Nanjing University in conjunction with the Guangming Daily think tank research and release center. It aims to provide real and high-quality think tank information and rigorous expert information for party and government institutions, academia, media and the public, and provide data support for the evaluation and evaluation of Chinese think tanks.

       The Israel Research Center of Henan University was founded in 2002 by Professor Zhang Qianhong, a renowned Jewish-Israeli researcher, Committed to Israel and related Middle East issues. 2010, The center was selected as a key scientific research institution of Henan University. 2014, The center has become the key research base of humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities in Henan Province. 2015, The Ministry of Education promotes the establishment of the "Chinese Jewish Cultural Research Alliance ", The Israeli Research Centre became a founding member and vice-chairman of the Alliance. In 2017, The Israeli Research Centre became the national and regional research record centre of the Ministry of Education. In 2018, Based on the Israeli research center, Henan University has become the governing unit of the "Belt and Road" think tank cooperation alliance. 2019, Henan University integrates multiple disciplines, Establishment of regional and national institutes, The Israeli Research Centre is the main support institution for the Institute. Since 2015, Editorial and publication by the Israeli Research Centre of the annual study report of the only domestic think tank on the Israeli side —— Israel Blue Book: Israel Development Report, So far ,6 copies have been published. This time, The Israeli Research Center was selected as the index of the Chinese think tank, Marks the construction of the central think tank to a new level. In the future, The Centre will continue to integrate national strategies and social development needs, Trying to produce more, better think tank results, Give full play to the role of decision-making reference and policy advice.