Postdoctoral Forum of Henan University: Henan Hubei and Shaanxi Youth Scholar Forum on Song History Kicks OffPublish Date:2018-05-17 17:14

At the morning of November 25, 2017, Henan Hubei and Shaanxi Youth Scholar Forum on Song History under the auspices of Henan University School of History and Culture held in New East Garden Hotel. More than 30 scholars from 16 universities as Wuhan University, Northwestern University, Central China Normal University, Xiamen University, Henan University participated in this forum.

Prof. Luo Changfan of Central China Normal University, Prof. Zheng Wenhao of Zhengzhou University, Prof. Diao Peijun of Xiamen University, Prof. Chen Xi of Wuhan University made report on the history of the Song Dynasty base on eleven research papers. The participating scholars conducted in-depth discussions on related issues subsequently.

As the first forum of postdoctoral young scholars to research the history of song dynasty in central china, the attending scholars believe that this conference will provide a high-quality platform for the academic exchange of experts and scholars studying Song history in the central region. The attendants suggested holding similar academic forums in the future, developing flexible and productive academic discussion in many forms, encouraging a hundred schools of thought to contend, and promoting the development of academic community.