yuhe ZuoPublish Date:2018-05-30 10:31

Title: Professor



Educational background:

1. Ph.D., Graduated from the History Department of Beijing Normal University in 1996.

2. M.A., History, College of History, Henan University, Henan, Kaifeng, China, 1989.

3. B.A, College of History and Culture, Henan  University, Kaifeng, China, 1986.

Work experience:

In 1998, worked at the postdoctoral station of the Institute of Modern History of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences after leaving the station.

He is currently a researcher in the modern history of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a doctoral tutor, a deputy director of the Research Institute of Social and Cultural History, a deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Modern Culture Society, a secretary-general of the Chinese Oral History Research Association, and a Yellow River Scholar at Henan University.

Research interests:

A Study of the History of Modern Chinese Academic Thoughts and The History of Social Culture.


The history of academic thought and social culture in modern China

Selected Publications


Zuo yuhe. A study of zhang dongsun's cultural thought (monograph), 290-thousand words, China social sciences press, 1998.

Zhang dongsun biography, left yuhe (monograph), 340 thousand words, shandong people's publishing house, 1998.

Zuo yuhe, zhang dongsun's academic thoughts review (monograph), 250 thousand words, Beijing library press, 1999.

Zuo yuhe, lost opportunity: a new understanding of China's modernization process (monograph), 150 thousand words, yunnan people's publishing house, 2001.

Zuo yuhe, learning from four books to seven subjects (monograph), 405 thousand words, Shanghai China bookstore, 2004.

Zuo yuhe, general theory of modern Chinese civilization (monograph), 620 thousand words, fujian education press, 2010.

Zuo yuhe. Transplantation and transformation: the establishment of China's modern academic institutions (monograph), 320 thousand words, elephant press, 2008.

Zuo yuhe, Chiang kai-shek and his senior aides, 430-thousand words, henan people's press, 2000.


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