Mr. Wan Jinhong Gives a Lecture at the School of History and CulturePublish Date:2020-09-28 14:29

On September 24, Wan Jinhong, a senior engineer of China Academy of water resources and hydropower Sciences, was invited to give a lecture in the conference room on the third floor of the School of History and Culture. The title of the lecture was "implementation approaches for the protection and utilization of Yellow River culture". The lecture was presided over by Wang Ruifang, distinguished professor of the School of History and Culture.


Wan Jinhong first analyzed the current situation of the Yellow River cultural heritage from the national policy orientation. He systematically summarized the contents and types of the Yellow River cultural heritage, and pointed out that the Yellow River cultural heritage has the characteristics of numerous heritage types, long history, huge quantity and obvious linear characteristics. It has rich themes, multi-faceted functions and great value for use as well. Then, he put forward the triple thinking of facing the Yellow River cultural protection and inheritance. He said that it was necessary to boost the rapid development of the Yellow River Cultural belt through major strategies, and introduced in detail the concept, basis, mode and vision of the Yellow River cultural protection and inheritance. On this basis, Wan Jinhong introduced five ways to protect, inherit and utilize the Yellow River's culture, and carried out a detailed analysis, and put forward a number of practical ideas for the inheritance, protection and utilization of the Yellow River culture. Finally, Professor Wan expanded the inheritance and utilization mode of the Yellow River culture, which is implementing the "Yellow River culture +" mode, and combining the Yellow River culture and agriculture with rural revitalization, ecological construction, public cultural products and services, tourism, leisure and education to expand the influence of Yellow River civilization.

At the end of the lecture, Wan Jinhong answered the questions raised by students on the spot. He discussed with teachers and students warmly based on the contents of the lecture combining with the accumulation of his own professional knowledge. Wang Ruifang summarized Wan Jinhong' s lecture. She said that Mr. Wan Jinhong' s lecture was informative, rich and broad-minded. The students benefited a lot, and the lecture was successfully concluded in warm applause.

Introduction to the Professor:

Wan Jinhong is a member of the Democratic Progressive movement, a senior engineer of the China Academy of water resources and hydropower Sciences, a member of the Special Committee on population, resources and environment of the Central Committee of the democratic advancement of China, and vice chairman of the Grand Canal special committee of China Geographic Information Industry Association. He is mainly engaged in the research of hydrology and climate history, water culture and flood disaster science. He has presided over or participated in dozens of research topics, published more than 100 academic papers, and won 5 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. He served as the editorial board member of Pearl River, South -To -North Water Transfers and Water Science and Technology, and participated in the compilation of more than ten standards for water conservancy, cultural relics and tourism. Many research reports have been paid attention to and approved by the central leadership.