The School of History and Culture held lectures on health for freshmen of 2020Publish Date:2020-09-16 15:40

On the evening of September 14th, the School of History and Culture held a lecture on health for freshmen of 2020 in the classroom 109 of the complex building, and invited Zu Qiang, Director of Health Management Department of Minlun Campus, to be the keynote speaker.

With the theme of "We are all dreamers and Health is the Cornerstone for Pursuing Dreams", Zu Qiang emphasized the importance of health and listed various physical activities conducive to physical health that college students should participate in. Then, he mentioned the actual situation of college students and pointed out a variety of common bad lifestyles, such as diet disorder, lack of sleep, excessive use of electronic devices, insufficient physical exercise. He said that a bad lifestyle was harmful to college students' health. In the context of COVID-19, Zu stressed its clinical features and prevention and control measures, and asked students to strictly observe the school's epidemic prevention measures and do a good job in self-prevention and control. In addition, he also introduced a series of common infectious diseases and prevention measures. He also reminded students to pay attention to their own health. Finally, he popularized the knowledge of first aid knowledge of pulmonary resuscitation to students through videos, and explained in detail the relevant materials that needs more attention.

Through health education lectures, students were effectively guided to cherish, reserve and pay attention to health by learning relevant knowledge and methods, which not only played an important role in promoting the epidemic prevention and control work of the school and the university, but also laid a solid foundation for students' future study and life.