The School of History and Culture resumed the class and gave the first lecture in the fall semester of 2020Publish Date:2020-09-01 20:35

On the morning of August 31, the themed activity of "Returning to School for the first Lesson" for the fall semester of 2020 of the School of History and Culture was held in the conference room on the third floor of the school. All the leading members, all heads of departments, and counselors of all grades attended the meeting. More than 700 undergraduates and postgraduates of the school attended the meeting via online platforms. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Ligang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Executive Vice President of the School.

Yang Junzhong, Secretary of the CPC Committee, extended a warm welcome to the students for their return to school. He said that the covid-19 epidemic had a great impact on students' study and life but students had responded to the call of the school and university to fight against the epidemic regardless of difficulties, and should be praised and thumbed up for their continuous learning. He pointed out that the current epidemic is still not fully under control and therefore students should cherish the rare good situation, fully cooperate with the school epidemic prevention work, perform a good job in self-protection, while maintaining an optimistic and positive spirit to welcome the new semester.

Jiang Jie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the School, arranged the work of students from the aspects of academic year appraisal, financial support and scholarship, and management discipline during the epidemic prevention. Li Jingyan, the Vice Dean of the School, by combining the postgraduate training plan, encouraged the students to study in front of difficulties, and focus on scientific researches and other works. Wei Jiyin, the Vice Dean of the School, introduced and arranged the labor education course for undergraduates in detail.

Finally, Zhang Ligang made a summary. He stressed that students should strictly implement requirements of learning, work and epidemic prevention and other aspects and should adapt to the online and offline way of learning as soon as possible; Students should carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, conscientiously complete the task of labor education; Students should actively adjust the state of mind, pay attention to physical and mental health and personal safety, make new progress in the new semester.

In accordance with the requirements of the university’s epidemic prevention work, the School of History and Culture carried out detailed survey, precise measures and strengthened management for each returning student to ensure the steady progress of all work in the new semester.