Online reading seminars of the “Elite Program” were held in the School of History and CulturePublish Date:2020-09-01 20:30

On the evening of August 20th and 30th, the 3rd and 4th online reading seminars of the “Elite Programme” will be held continuously. Continuing the practice of the previous two sessions, the two reading reports will be conducted in the form of "report + comment + discussion", with Vice Dean Li Jingyan, Jia Kunpeng and Teacher Ning Tengfei participating in.

The third reading seminar was given by Ji Zhanbin and Li Shuaijin, with comments from Wu Suhong and Zhang Jiaxin.

Ji Zhanbin summed up the four clues and four focal points of the book and put forward his own views in his reading report of The Death of Wang Shi. Ji's question about the historical writing of the new historiography and his doubts about using Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio as historical materials aroused a heated discussion among the teachers and students present. Li Shuaijin showed her thoughts on Yan's methods and research style of governance history in her reading reports of Three Books on the History of Governance and Collection of Yan's Historiography and Compilation of Political System. Afterwards, teachers and students discussed the topic that “Whether Mr. Yan's research path can be copied".

In the fourth seminar, Liu Danrui, Lu Mingjie and Wu Suhong gave a reading report, and gao Han, Yang Teng and Ji Zhanbin commented respectively.

Liu Danrui distinguished the existing problems in the book The Transformation of The History of China in Harvard. Lu Mingjie introduced the social background behind the book and the social impact caused by the case. In his reading report, Wu Suhong introduced his refinement and induction of Tian Yuqing's viewpoint in The System of Dominant Family in Eastern Jin Dynasty, as well as his thinking after the horizontal comparison of historical materials in the field of ancient Chinese history. After three students finished their speeches, teachers and students carried out corresponding comments and discussions respectively.

Li Jingyan, Vice Dean and other two teachers gave detailed advices to each student on the research, study and report. At the same time, our Vice Dean suggested that students in the programme should actively think about the topic selection of the academic year paper, prepare the framework of the paper, and start writing part of the content in the junior year. Jia Kunpeng hoped that students should pay attention to the order when reading books on philosophy and historical theory, so as to form a thinking chain. Teacher Ning Tengfei proposed that students should choose classic works in reading and pay attention to the accumulation of basic knowledge.

Recently, the reading seminars launched by the "Elite Programme" of History major will be held four times in succession. During the process, teachers and students will have in-depth discussions on each student's reading report, which is important for the cultivation of students' historical thinking and the improvement of their historical research abilities. The activity of reading club is an important part of the quality teaching of "Elite Programme" in the School of History and Culture, and also a beneficial exploration of the talent training mode of "Elite Programme".