The "Huanghe Zhuhun" Counselor Office of the College of History and Culture was Officially EstablishedPublish Date:2020-10-25 21:17

On June 11, the awarding ceremony of HENU’s first counselor offices was held in Room 249 of Administration Building in Jinming Campus. Attendees included Lu Keping, Secretary of the CPC Committee of HENU, Zhang Baoming, Deputy Secretary of HENU CPC Committee, and Sun Junjian, Member of the Standing Committee of HENU CPC Committee and Deputy President of HENU. Representatives of our college participated in the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Youcheng, Director of the Student Affairs Department of HENU CPC Committee and Director of the Student Affairs Office.

Lu Keping awarded Boards to nine counselor offices. Zhang Baoming deeply interpreted the "Notice on Cultivating and Constructing the First Counselor Offices in Henan University". Sun Junjian issued appointment letters to 14 counselors. Li Qingchun, Member of the Standing Committee of HENU CPC committee and Secretary of the Organization Department, distributed learning materials to the representatives.

The College of History and Culture has always attached great importance to the construction of the counselor team, and emphasizes the enhancement of the quality and ability of counselors as an effective way to strengthen the ideological and political education of students. Since HENU started the preparations for the construction of the first counselor offices, the CPC committee of the College responded quickly, took active actions, and held multiple meetings with relevant units. After multidisciplinary demonstrations and discussions on the office’s focus, function, approach, and goals, the basic framework of the "Huanghe Zhuhun" Counselor Office (the name means to learn from the spirit of the Yellow River) was finally determined. It was agreed to put it into practice.

"Huanghe Zhuhun" Counselor Office is co-hosted by the Yellow River Civilization and Sustainable Development Research Center and our College, with the participation of the College of Physical Culture. Taking the Yellow River culture education as the research orientation, the office will spread the story of the Yellow River, and inherit the spirit of the Yellow River. Focusing on the fundamental task of "strengthening moral education and cultivating people by virtue", it aims to integrate the excellent traditional Chinese culture into the ideological and political education of college students. Relying on the academic and professional advantages of the college and the Research Center, and basing the theme on “learning from the Yellow River Culture, there will be three major sections: "The Root of the Yellow River Culture", "The Way of spreading the Yellow River Culture" and "The Soul of the Yellow River". Improve the theoretical and professional level of counselors through thematic study, research, discussion, etc., and offer a platform for counselors to improve the comprehensive quality, perform themselves, and guide college students’ ideological and political education.

The establishment of the "Huanghe Zhuhun" Counselor Office will further promote the specialization and professionalization of our counselors, improve the work of student affairs, and improve our college's ideological and political work as well.