Demonstration Meeting on Development and Planning of Chinese History HeldPublish Date:2020-11-01 15:15

On the morning of October 30th, the Demonstration Meeting on Discipline Construction of Chinese History and its Development Planning was held in the School of History and Culture.

Prestigious scholars and experts attended the demonstration meeting: Professor Zhu Ying, a Distinguished Professor of "Changjiang Scholars Program" from Central China Normal University, Professor Wu Yixiong, a Distinguished Professor of "Changjiang Scholars Program" from Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Liu Houbin from the School of History of Renmin University of China, Professor Bai Genxing from the School of History and Culture of Shaanxi Normal University, and Professor Geng Yuanli from the School of History and Culture of Henan University.

Zhang Baoming, deputy secretary of the school Party committee, Li Heng, deputy director of the Disciplinary Construction Division, Miao Shumei, editor-in-chief of the journal "History Monthly", Zhan Long, Dean of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Wang Miao, Chief of the Planning Division of the Discipline Construction Division also attended the meeting. Other members of the leading organ of the Party and government, members of the academic committee of the college, and representatives of key teachers of Chinese history also joined in the meeting.

During the first stage of the meeting, Zhang Baoming, on behalf of the school, extended sincere thanks to all the attendees for their efforts in the construction of the discipline of Chinese history! He briefly introduced Henan University and the discipline of history in China. As one of the earliest and most prominent subjects in our university, Chinese History has strong strength and extensive influence. He expressed his hope that the School of History and Culture will leverage this meeting to seek advice for more scientific demonstrations, and advance history into a first-class discipline in China as soon as possible.

Yang Junzhong, Chair of School Committee, School of History and Culture, expressed sincere thanks to our university and related departments for their long-standing support. He said that discipline construction has always been the priority of the school. We will definitely live up to the expectations of experts and school leaders and go all out for the construction and development of the subject of History of China.

During the second stage, Professor Miao Shumei made a report from six aspects: the basis of discipline construction, characteristic direction, construction goals, construction tasks, existing problems, and safeguard measures.

Zhu Ying, Wu Yixiong, Liu Backbin, Bai Genxing, Zhang Baoming, Geng Yuanxuan and other experts shared their ideas in sequence. The panel fully affirmed the construction achievements of Chinese history in recent years. They thought that Chinese history has a long history of running schools, deep academic accumulation, and strong momentum of development. It has been the top of its kind in the country. The construction and development planning content are detailed, the positioning is clear, analysis of problems is veracious, objectives are explicit, and measures are effective. The Panel offered some suggestions on the construction and development plans and specific points: hope the College will further condense the direction of disciplines, tap the advantages of disciplines, highlight the characteristics and bright spots of disciplines; hope to strengthen the construction of teachers, and optimize the level and structure of the team; hope to increase the number of doctors to meet the needs of further development and upgrading of disciplines; hope to seize opportunities, bring in overseas high-level talents and enhance the level of internationalization under the regular epidemic prevention. Participants listened carefully to experts and had in-depth exchanges with members of the Panel on relevant issues.

Zhang Ligang, Dean of the School of History and Culture, made a statement. On behalf of the College, he expressed sincere gratitude to the Group of Experts on their coming from their busy work and offer advice in developing the Chinese history disciplines and improving the construction of the disciplines. The school will carefully comb through the expert opinions, optimize the construction program, improve the construction measures, and deepen the connotation of the disciplines. We will keep down to earth, work hard for a long time, continue to make efforts to promote the development of Chinese disciplines to a new level, and make due contributions to the overall situation of the construction of the school disciplines.