The School of History and Culture held the party day activity themed "Remain true to the original mission and strive to be an outstanding pioneer" and "the initiation of the Party Course"Publish Date:2020-07-02 17:03

July 1st, 2020 is a special day. All leaders of the School of History and Culture, all Party members, secretaries of all Party branches and members of administrative Party branches gathered in the school of the ancient Chinese history teaching and research section on the second floor, in such a special form to celebrate the 99th birthday of the Communist Party of China. During this event, 20 new members from the first Party Branch of Undergraduates took part in through Tencent Meeting. The activity was presided by Jiang Jie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee.

Yang Junzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, first warmly extended greetings to the Party members present. Then, together with others, he wished the great Party a happy birthday. Then, he led everyone to review the magnificent 99 years of history of the CPC and look back to the severe test of the revolutionary war that the Communist Party of China experienced, the arduous exploration of the road of construction, and the innovative practice of reform and opening up. It is clear that only the Communist Party of China can always be at the forefront of the time, remain true to its original aspirations, stand firm in the face of disasters, put the people first, think for the people and seek their well-being.

Then, Yang Junzhong, with "How to be an excellent Communist Party member" as the title,  gave a wonderful Party lesson. He introduced the battle led by the CPC against Covid-19, in which "people's life and health are put first", and discussed the core qualities of Communists from four aspects: being political right, being responsible to the people, being upright, and getting things done. He pointed out that an excellent member of the CPC must maintain a high degree of ideological and political consistency with the CPC Central Committee, keep close relationships with the people at all times, possess high moral sentiments and maintain good appreciations for a healthy life, and must have the real energy to turn ideals and beliefs into dedication. Then he shared the most valuable work experience with the comrades of the Party Branch, namely the "unity, practical attitudes to matters, efficiency and honesty", encouraging everyone to combine the actuality with work, love the work based on job responsibilities, integrate the development ideas and the construction ideas into the practice, improve the efficiency of management, make contributions to “Double First-Class Construction” for the university. Especially for new Party members, Yang Junzhong also proposed three requirements. First, we should continue to strengthen theoretical study and improve political literacy; Second, we should always show the good spirit of a Party member, and give full play to the role of "leading goose" and "model" in the student community. Third, we must always bear in mind the Party's discipline. "No square can be formed without proper rules." We must abide by the party's rules and observe its disciplines.

Finally, everyone watched the lesson "The Chinese Nation Has the Courage to Pursue Dreams" through an application called “Powerful nation with study”, and admire the charm of our country with scientific and technological achievements. By means of which, patriotism was enhanced, perseverance was stimulated, and members present were encouraged to make continuous progress for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!