Zhigang SuPublish Date:2018-05-30 10:22

Title: Associate Professor



Educational background:

B.A, Graduated from the department of history, zhengzhou university in 1985

Work experience:

From 1985 to 2000, I worked in the department of politics and history of kaifeng normal university. From 2001 to now, I worked in the school of history and culture of henan university.

Research interests:

Mainly engaged in the study of China's modern history.


Chinese history

Selected Publications


Suzhigang, China's modern history (edited, no. 2), heilongjiang people's publishing house, 2005.

Su zhigang, modern henan economic history (volume 2), no.3, henan university press, 2012.

Li yujie, Ed. "China's ethical category • Ming" (more than 70,000 words in the modern and modern parts), China social science press, 2012.


Suzhigang, "a study on the resettlement of veterans in shensi-kansu-ningsia border areas during the Anti-Japanese War", "a study on Anti-Japanese War", no. 4, 2008.

Suzhigang, "a study on alternative tillage in shensi-gansu-ningsia border areas during the Anti-Japanese War", history monthly, no. 9, 2007.

Suzhigang, "the historical evolution of Chiang kai-shek's" inside and outside ", the 5th issue of history monthly, 2000.

Suzhigang, on the establishment and development of the intellectual theory of the communist party of China during the great revolution, journal of henan university, 3rd issue, 2005.

Suzhigang, "a study on the establishment of domestic activities in shensi-gansu-ningsia border areas during the Anti-Japanese War", journal of henan university, 5th issue, 2008.

Suzhigang, "second-rate reform and harmonious society construction in shensi-gansu-ningsia border region", journal of zhengzhou university, 1st issue, 2016.

Academic Programs in China

A study on the institutional history of shensi-gansu-ningsia border areas, 2015 national social science foundation major project, participated in.

Research on the social and economic history of henan during the republic of China, a project funded by the ministry of education in the late stage of research on philosophy and social science in 2010, participated in.

Professional Awards

Education history and cultivation of creative thinking ability, second prize of henan education department.

"Reflections on the research-based teaching of Chinese modern history", second prize of excellent education teaching results of henan education department and henan social science association in 2012.