Guangjun ZhaoPublish Date:2018-05-30 10:28

Title: Associate professor

Telephone: +15938556083


Educational background:

1. Ph.D., 2004.9-2007.7 institute of modern history, central China normal university, received a doctor's degree in history

2. M.A., 2001.9-2004.7 fujian normal university, department of history, master of philosophy

3. B.A, 1997.9-2001.7 school of political law, xinyang normal university, bachelor of law degree

Work experience:

Lecturer, School of History and Culture, Henan University, 2007-present

Research interests:

Chinese modern history

Chinese Christian history

late qing history and regional history


"China's modern history", "China's modern history", "MAO zedong studies" and "special topics on modern historical figures".

Selected Publications


Zhao guangjun. "home country" : fangshan changshi family and modern China. Henan university press, 2015.

Zhao guangjun, oral history of education in exile in henan university during the Anti-Japanese War, henan university press, 2017, first author, 270,000 characters

Zhao guangjun, Christianity and Chinese society in the 20th century, guangxi normal university press, 2014, co-authored with 180,000 words.

Zhao guangjun. On the history of cultural exchanges between fujian and China, ocean press, 2015, co-authored by 40,000 Chinese characters.


Zhao guangjun, "an investigation of Taiwan's" tupan "settlement in early qing dynasty in dengzhou, henan province -- on the changes of the folk customs of small settlement immigrants", guangdong social science, 3rd issue, 2012.

Zhao guangjun, an examination of the revolutionary poems of xinhai revolution in central henan province, history monthly, 2012, 2nd issue.

Zhao guangjun, "symposium and lecture summary on the changes of social history in Christianity and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River in modern times", "historiography monthly", 3rd issue, 2012, second author.

Zhao guangjun, "the formation and Confucianism of jewish Confucianism in kaifeng at the end of Ming dynasty and the beginning of qing dynasty", "studies on religion teaching", 3rd issue, 2010.

Zhao guangjun, "a report on the world women's movement and its enlightenment to China's women's movement in the late qing dynasty", in the discussion on women's studies, 3rd issue, 2006.

Zhao guangjun. The publication of romanization in modern fujian dialect and research on the campaign against illiteracy of the Christian church. Journal of Christian studies (no. 8), Beijing: religious culture press, 2005.

Zhao guangjun, "a study on the Roman character publishing and the campaign against illiteracy in the fujian dialect of the modern Christian church", in Christianity and China (volume 3), 2005.

Zhao guangjun, constructing the theory of cultural history of localized thoughts, People's Daily (theoretical edition), December 1, 2013.

Academic Programs in China

Research on Christianity and new knowledge groups in China in the 19th century, youth project of national social science foundation in 2010, presided over.

Research on modern southeast coastal Christian newspapers and periodicals, 2007 henan university general social and human sciences research project, presided over.

"Central plains society and communication between Chinese and western culture: Christianity and modern in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River basin is social history change", and the university of San Francisco matteo ricci institute of history and culture cooperation projects, host, 240000 yuan.