Yu pei of CASS related the Marxist view of historyPublish Date:2018-05-25 18:18

Yu Pei was invited to relate the Marxist view of history for the teachers and students of the college of history and culture on 23rd May.

Yu Pei teases out the process of marxist historical view which is contained in the basic texts. In the lecture he think that marxist historical view is the product of historical era, which has been formed gradually by the critique of Hegel's philosophy of history, especially by the critique of the idealism speculation spirit; Yu Pei elucidates the the theoretical significance of marxist historical view from five aspects: he believes that the core content of marxist historical is about the nature of the society and the existing way, about the creator of history and the subject of history, about the general law of development of human history, about the relationship among material production, people's own production and spiritual production relations, about the historical development process. Based on this basis, Researcher Yu Pei analyzes the reality of marxist historical value, and think the historical view reveals the basic law which is not out of date. At the same time, We should also continue to develop and innovate the Marxist historical view in accordance with the changes in the historical environment.

Towards the end of the lecture, Yu Pei raked the question again——what is the significance of Marx in the 21st century?——which was raised by Thomas hobsbawm, a famous British marxist historian. This question evoked the interesting of all the audiences and they began to discuss it. Yu Pei responded and encouraged everyone to have a foothold in contemporary China, to explore marxist theory and practice marxism history and develop marxist historical view in a great era. The lecture ended with warm applause from the teachers and students.