Director Wu Jianwei of the Personnel Department and his party came to our college for investigating and guidingPublish Date:2020-07-10 16:50

On the morning of July 9th, Wu Jianwei, Director of the Personnel Department and Director of the Teacher Affairs Department of HENU CPC Committee, and Hu Bin, Director of HENU Postdoctoral Management Office came to our college for investigation and guidance. The leadership of the college, Geng Yuanli, a distinguished professor of Henan Province, and Ai Rengui, a young talent of Henan University, and others attended the symposium. Zhang Ligang, the Deputy Dean of the college conducted the meeting.

Qi Chenyun, Deputy Dean of the college, made a comprehensive report the personnel work of the college. He focused on three main points: the development of the college's teaching faculty, the construction of high-level talents, and the management of postdocs. Zhang Ligang introduced the achievements of the college's personnel work in recent years, the difficulties we face, and future work plans. He said that the College of History and Culture would take the "Double First-Class" initiative and the "Strengthening a University by Talents" strategy as an opportunity to further clarify the working concepts of talents, speed up the construction of the talent team, and promote the rapid development of the college.

Wu Jianwei and the participants had in-depth exchanges. He fully affirmed the personnel work of the college. He pointed out that the School of History and Culture should continue to give full play to the advantages of liberal arts, and build a scientific and effective talent introduction and management mechanism based on the construction of first-level doctoral discipline and three first-level discipline postdoctoral research stations. We should do a good job in introducing high-level talents and the construction of post-doctoral teams, give fully play to the activeness and enthusiasm of the talents, and offer talent support to HENU's "double first-class university" construction.