"Overseas Cloud Classroom" of the School of History and Culture——Hot History of China and Frontier Studies in JapanPublish Date:2020-05-19 14:19

In order to speed up the construction of high-level courses, further enhance the internationalization of school, expand students' international vision, and boost the construction of our first-class discipline University, the international exchange department carried out the project of "high level overseas cloud classroom". Meanwhile, our institutes actively expanded the channels of foreign cooperation and exchanges, and accelerated the docking of high-quality education resources at home and abroad, so that the high-level overseas course "hot history of China and frontier studies in Japan" was introduced. The course was taught by Professor Zhao Jun, Chiba Commercial University, Japan, and was from April 30 to June 30, 2020, with four credit hours (15:00-18:00) every Friday afternoon.

The course was divided into the following topics: the general  study on the 1911 Revolution in the Japanese academic circle; the research of the Sino Japanese War history in the Japanese academic circle; the study of the social history and life history of modern China in the Japanese academic circle; the general situation of research on the CPC History in the Japanese academic circle; the survey of the colonial history of the Japanese academic community (6) the general situation of the publication and collection of historical materials about modern Chinese history in Japan, and the methodology of collecting and discriminating historical materials.

In view of the current COVID-19 epidemic around the world, the course adopting the online class form (mainly with the help of DINGDING, the app), paid attention to combining theory with practical application, and strived to cultivate international talent  of students in our school, so that students could learn foreign frontier knowledge more easily, understand and master the cutting-edge academic information of international academic circles, and exchange and update learning methods.

During the class

The course was live broadcast through DINGDING. During the class, students was actively asking and answering questions, also interacting freely with the teacher. They could preview and review the learning tasks in advance, which were arranged by the teacher, and the class atmosphere was excellent. The teacher provided a large number of learning materials for students to learn. Through the online class, professor humorously and patiently told more relevant knowledge, and tirelessly answered questions of students. The feedback of the course was in time, and the learning effect was very obvious. The whole process of the classroom went on smoothly and the system ran well, which ensured the good teaching effect.


Mr. Zhao Jun brought an academic feast for the students with vivid words and detailed materials. In the class, he gave a specific description of the key and difficult points combined with rich teaching experience and enormous knowledge, helping students to absorb more knowledge, which was of great benefit to students and was highly praised by students.

Introduction of the professor

Zhao Jun, Professor, School of business economics, Chiba Business University, Japan. Since 1997, he has been teaching in Chiba University of Commerce. From 2004 to 2006, he served as the director of the linguistics center of Chiba University of Commerce. He is also a special researcher of the social history research center of the Institute of modern history of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor of the school of history and culture of central China Normal University, a visiting professor of the Asia Pacific Research Center of Tongji University, and a visiting professor of the school of history and culture of Hunan Normal University. In 2003, he served as the director general of the conference of Chinese professors in Japan (Secretary General), and vice representative (vice president) of the conference of Japanese Chinese professors from 2012 to 2014.